Documentary films

  • Forks Over Knives (2011) – Available for free from their website. This powerful documentary has been changing lives since its release in 2011. The film brings together nutritional biochemist, Dr T. Colin Campbell and physician and surgeon, Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr, along with a number of professionals to reveal the health damage caused by the modern American diet and the evidence that supports the simple solution of a whole foods plant-based diet. We highly recommend watching this film as an introduction to the why and how of a whole food plant-based diet.
  • Eating You Alive (2016) – Available for digital download US$10 or to stream for free on YouTube or Tubi. This film presents the powerful message that a whole foods plant-based diet can reverse chronic disease and restore health. It contains dozens of short presentations by health professionals combined with the personal stories of those who were affected by chronic diseases and have now transformed their health. This film can be life-changing.
  • Disease Reversal Hope! (2022)—Available on various paid streaming platforms and also on Tubi for free. The film shows physicians and patients suffering from chronic diseases who share their feelings of hopelessness, which turned into hope after being introduced to a whole-food plant-based diet.
  • The Big Fat Lie (2018) – by Grant Dixon available on Vimeo, iTunes  and other platforms. This delightful New Zealand film documents Grant’s experience with heart disease and his journey to health with a whole food plant-based diet. It also tackles the big question: why don’t more people know about this powerful solution to the number one cause of death?
  • The Game Changers (2019)  – Available on iTunes and Vimeo. Follows the plant-based journey of UFC fighter and combat instructor, James Wilkes, as he discovers the performance advantages and healing effects of a plant-based diet. The film features awesome athletes across a range of sports from Australian 400m runner, Morgan Mitchell, to superhuman strongman Patrick Baboumian. The documentary is a high-quality production and the science is concise and accurate.
  • Diet Fiction (2019) – See trailer.  Available on iTunes  and Vimeo. This film exposes the misconceptions around popular diets, weight loss and nutrition. It follows filmmaker Michal Siewierski’s (Food Choices) journey into the controversial world of weight loss and dieting and shows the effects obesity has on people’s lives and offer a long term solution to sustainable weight loss and improved health (ie a whole food plant-based diet).
  • Seaspiracy (2021) – Available on Netflix. A film about the devastation of our oceans caused by fishing.

YouTube channels to follow 

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  • Plant Based Health Australia (our channel) – since the beginning of 2024 we have been doing monthly live streams. You will find past live streams uploaded here.
  • Chef AJ – Daily webinars featuring interviews with plant-based experts and other enthusiasts. Includes cooking presentations.
  • Dr. McDougall Health & Medical Center – Includes webinar talks from Dr John McDougall
  • Physicians Committee – Includes videos from the Exam Room Podcast
  • Doctor Klaper – regular brief Q&As from Dr Michael Klaper
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  • Plant Chompers – Chris MacAskill takes an in-depth look at nutrition science, often following up on the claims made by social media influencers.
  • Rheumatoid Solutions – Clint Paddison who has rheumatoid arthritis, uploads regular podcast/video interviews with people who have relieved their symptoms following a modified WFPB diet. See also his older channel: Paddison Program
  • Forks Over Knives – features a mix of interviews and presentations plus recipes
  • Mastering Diabetes – Cyrus Khambatta and Robbie Barbaro both have type 1 diabetes. The channel features interviews, testimonials and recipes aimed at helping people reverse insulin resistance.
  • Mic the Vegan – vegan science writer who covers various topics including the health effects of a vegan diet. Mic regularly tackles debunking the myths that perpetuate harmful dietary and lifestyle behaviours – all with a drop of humour.
  • VegSource – includes many vintage presentations from leaders in the plant-based world. Jeff Nelson also addresses some of the controversies in the plant-based world.
  • Spud Fit – Andrew Taylor began this channel to document his year-long experiment (in 2016) to eat only potatoes. It includes interviews with many of the leaders in plant-based nutrition.
  • Plant Yourself Podcast – this channel hosts the video recordings of one of our favourite podcast channels – Plant Yourself. More recently Howard Jacobson has been focusing on wellness coaching in his podcast but there are some classic interviews with plant-based experts among the older videos.

YouTube Recipe channels

  • Cooking with plants – Australian whole food plant-based recipes from Anja Cass
  • Jane Esselstyn – daughter of Dr Caldwell Esselstyn teams up with her mother Ann to present whole food plant based cooking
  • High Carb Hannah – includes tips and recipes for following a starch centred whole food plant based diet with a focus on weight loss
  • Plantiful Kiki – includes tips and recipes for following a plant-based diet that is high in starch and low in fat, with a focus on weight loss
  • Well Your World – includes simple cooking videos, whole food plant based recipes with no oil, interviews, and discussions about real vegan health
  • PlantPure TV – Nelson and Kim Campbell’s channel includes interviews, presentations from the key plant-based advocates, cooking demonstrations plus recipes.
  • Chef Sherry’s Plant-Based Kitchen – Sherry Shrallow shares her favourite recipes for a healthy whole plant food lifestyle.
  • Bravo PlantBased – Ramses Bravo is the chef at TrueNorth Health Center
  • Chelsea Mae – Kiwi Chelsea Mae shares her hacks for weight loss using a calorie density approach

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