Plant Based Nutrition Websites

  • Doctors For Nutrition – an Australian health-promotion charity led by medical and dietetic professionals dedicated to bringing food back to healthcare. Includes resources for transitioning including tools for health practitioners
  • Dr John McDougall – this website has a wealth of information covering nutrition science/medical topics, success stories and the free McDougall program to get you started on a starch-based diet including recipes and meal plans. Also includes a supportive discussion board.
  • – Dr Michael Greger. An incredible resource for exploring what the science has to say about any nutrition related topic. Dr Greger releases a short video 3 times per week and each video links to the scientific papers mentioned in the video. Also includes blog posts and Q&A.
  • Forks over knives – includes a link to watch the movie (for free), information to get you started on a whole food plant-based diet, and regular blog posts often including success stories of people who switch to a whole food plant based diet.
  • T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies – includes many in-depth articles by T Colin Campbell and his son Thomas Campbell, MD and other contributors. Their mission is “to promote optimal nutrition through science-based education, advocacy, and research”.
  • Dr Esselstyn’s Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program – includes links to Dr Esselstyn’s research articles, videos and some very useful FAQs for people with heart disease.
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – founded by Dr Neal Barnard, PCRM is very active in nutrition research and advocacy. The website includes resources for various health conditions, a 21-day (free) Vegan KickStart program (including support, meal plans, community forum)
  • Dr Linda Carney – Dr Carney is a family physician and an expert in women’s health. Her website includes many blog posts taking an evidence-based approach to nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

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