Transitioning to WFPB

What to eat

How to eat

Mary McDougall gives practical tips on how to make it work by keeping it simple, meal planning, centering meals around the starch and keeping the kitchen well stocked.

 Dealing with Social Disapproval

Key transition websites:

McDougall Program & Dr McDougall’s Health & Medical Centre. Lots of resources available here – have a look at the health and science topics, check out the Free McDougall program for meal plans and advice on getting started, search the newsletter archives, browse the testimonials for inspiration from others’ journeys. Have a read of the 3 newsletter articles – Mary in your kitchen, Mary McDougall’s tips for changing your lifestyle:

PlantPlate – excellent articles written to help you transition to plant-based eating. Check out these links:

PCRM – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

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