Multiple Sclerosis

Most experts will say diet has nothing to do with the cause or treatment of MS, despite there being evidence that a low fat plant based diet can halt progression of this disease:

In my research, I have yet to see a study which says that a sensible diet will not help victims of multiple sclerosis. In fact, the scientific evidence published to date provides evidence supporting the benefit of diet for victims of this debilitating disease. Is the evidence offered so far adequate for you to take action? – Dr John McDougall – Multiple Sclerosis: The Cause

Unfortunately diet is still not being presented to MS sufferers as a viable treatment.

Dr John McDougall has a particular interest in MS and diet and is currently doing research in this area. Dr McDougall recommends a low-fat diet consisting of starches, vegetables and fruits. He has a number of useful Multiple Sclerosis resources on his website, including the Hot Topics: Multiple Sclerosis page with links to videos, McDougall newsletter articles, testimonials/success stories and peer-reviewed research papers. This excellent presentation by Dr John McDougall (1 hour 7 min. video) covers the causes and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis:

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Dr Roy Swank was a pioneer in this area more than 50 years ago:

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