This page links you to free recipes on websites and blogs written by people following a whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet. There are also some excellent recipe books you can purchase. These recipes differ from standard vegan resources in that they are all advocating a whole foods low-fat/no added oils diet.

Christmas recipe ideas

Australian WFPB recipe websites

North American WFPB recipe websites:

  • Forks Over Knives – Provides hundreds of recipes from various plant-based chefs and cooks. Download the Forks Over Knives Recipe App to your phone – contains more than 400 recipes and includes shopping lists. Also a Forks Meal Plan subscription available.
  • Dr McDougall’s Health & Medical Center – Links to hundreds of free recipes prepared by Mary McDougall. See the Printable McDougall Recipe Cards and the McDougall Newsletter Recipes.
  • Straight Up Food – Cathy Fisher’s website is one of the best for sugar, salt and oil-free whole food, plant-based recipes. Cathy works with the McDougall program and at TrueNorth Health. Her cookbook is excellent for newbies and if you want to avoid shipping costs you can purchase a digital version. See also on Facebook.
  • PlantPure Chef – Kim Campbell, author of PlantPure Kitchen and PlantPure Nation Cookbook. Includes her Blue Cheez Dressing
  • T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies – has many recipes contributed by graduates of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, various plant-based chefs and by members of the Campbell family.
  • The Culinary Gym – Katie Mae is a cooking instructor at TrueNorth Health and for the McDougall program so her recipes are all sugar, salt and oil-free. She has a mix of free and ‘premium’ recipes on her website. If you sign up for her monthly or annual subscription you receive her eBooks, all recipe content including video demonstrations.
  • Happy Herbivore – The Happy Herbivore, aka Lindsay Nixon, writes a regular blog featuring low-fat vegan recipes and includes Q&A’s about plant based eating, and has great tips for getting started. She has US$5 meal plans for sale, and is the author of five bestselling cookbooks. See also on Facebook.
  • FatFree Vegan Kitchen – Has a great recipe index. See also on Facebook.
  • Plant Strong – Rip Esselstyn (son of Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD).
  • Chef AJ Unprocessed – Under the tab ‘The Chef and the Dietitian’ there are many cooking videos that include lots of helpful tips for plant-based eating. See also her YouTube channel and Facebook page
  • Jeff Novick  is a dietitian who posts useful nutrition and cooking tips on his Facebook page. He also has a website but he updates his Facebook page more often. He has produced several nutrition information and cooking DVDs which you can purchase from VegSource.

For Kids:

Recipe books

Whole Food Plant Based on $5 Day
By Emma Roche, an Australian author (2017). This is an excellent introductory book. It has meal plans and lots of useful advice for those new to eating this way. Available as an eBook and as a printed book (we always have copies for sale at our events). There is also a Summer eBook edition – you can link to all these versions on the PlantPlate website.


Straight Up Food
By Cathy Fisher (2016). This is our favourite recipe book. It is expensive to have shipped to Australia and most of the recipes are freely available on Cathy’s website, but if you were only going to buy one whole food plant-based recipe book we recommend having this one in your kitchen. The recipes are salt-oil-sugar free and full of flavour, and the book is full of useful tips for transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle.
Order from Straight Up Food website (US$35 + shipping).
NB Available on kindle or from Apple or Google Play

Spud Fit Cookbook: A wholefood potato-based guide to eating and living.
By Andrew ‘Spud Fit’ Taylor (2019)


Order print or eBook from website


Forks Over Knives Flavor
Darshana Thacker (2018)

Order from Book Depository
Order from Amazon



How Not To Die Cookbook
By Dr Michael Greger, Gene Stone and recipes by Robin Robertson (2017). This book has some exciting recipes and is packed with nutrition hints.

Order from Book Depository
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The PlantPure Kitchen
By Kim Campbell (2017). Kim’s second cookbook is becoming everyone’s favourite.

Order from Book Depository
Order Kindle edition from Amazon

The PlantPure Nation Cookbook
By Kim Campbell (2015). A companion book to the film PlantPure Nation.

Order from Book Depository
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Better Than Vegan
By chef Del Sroufe (2013). Delicious low-fat plant-based recipes. An excellent book for those trying to lose weight.

Order from Book Depository.
Order Kindle edition from Amazon.


The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook
By chef Del Sroufe (2015). Delicious, simple whole food plant-based recipes. Includes meal plans.

Order from Book Depository.
Order Kindle edition from Amazon.


Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook
Ann Crile Esselstyn & Jane Esselstyn (2014). Over 125 healthy plant-based, oil-free, nut-free recipes that follow the Esselstyn “plant-perfect” diet for reversing heart disease. Contains some unique recipes written in a fun style.
Order from Book Depository.
Order Kindle edition from Amazon.


The McDougall Quick & Easy Bookbook
By John & Mary McDougall (1999). Over 300 low-fat whole food plant-based recipes with some great tips throughout. Recipes use ingredients readily available in Australia
(NB cilantro=coriander).
Order from Book Depository.
Order Kindle edition from Amazon.


The Happy Herbivore Cookbook
This is the first of four books by Lindsay Nixon, aka Happy Herbivore. Recipes are low-fat, plant-based and she includes recipes such as Cheddar Cheesy Sauce (vegan), Tofu Scramble and Black Bean Brownies – useful for those looking for substitutes for their old dietary ways.
Order from Book Depository
See also Everyday Happy Herbivore

Happy Herbivore Light & Lean
This book is great for those wanting to lose weight. It contains calorie and macronutrient breakdowns for each recipe.

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Happy Herbivore Abroad (not pictured)
Features recipes from many countries around the world.
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Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook
By chef Del Sroufe (2012).
Contains over 300 plant-based recipes.


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Plant-Powered Families
By Dreena Burton (2015). Over 100 kid-tested, whole foods vegan recipes. Includes tips for pleasing picky eaters and school lunchbox solutions.

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See also: Introductory WFPB Books that include large recipe sections.

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