Immersion highlights

Health transformations experienced within 6 or 7 days

It’s remarkable how quickly health improves when people live-in and every meal and snack is low fat whole foods plant perfect. Within days, participants report improved well-being and reduced symptoms – with arthritis pain resolving, skin improving and better energy levels. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels often improve so quickly that medications such as insulin need to be reduced with the support of our on-site medical practitioner. At the end of the immersion we ask participants to let us know any changes they have experienced during the week. Here are some of the things they have reported:

  • Waking up with reduced pain & more energy
  • Blood pressure improved every day
  • Less brain fog, improved sleep & energy levels, fewer hot flushes! 🙂
  • No aching in fingers or knees when I awake
  • Haven’t needed to use coffee as a mood enhancer
  • More energy, less sugar cravings, lighter after meals
  • Shoulder and heel pain “vanished”
  • A really clear plan of how to move forward for amazing health
  • My BGL has improved out of sight. Several medications have been removed from my regime. Swelling in my feet has been reduced to almost non existent. More energy, sleeping better. Lost weight. I feel hope again, that I can do this
  • Weight loss, clearer mind, skin clearer, nails stronger, less bloating

Feedback about the immersion:

The immersion was an amazing experience in a breathtaking environment. It was truly a wholistic approach to health with amazing role models, Jenny, Malcolm and Peter. We really need to clone such amazing people who walk their talk. Thank you for enriching my life – Manar

An excellent program of evidence based health information highlighting the benefits of WFPB eating, presented by medically qualified people who are also great presenters. Perhaps most importantly they were passionate about sharing their knowledge and supporting participants to improve their health outcomes – Jenny

I can’t state clearly enough just how much being able to participate in this immersion has meant to me. On enrolling, I knew I needed to do this, but was apprehensive whether I would find it doable and sustainable going forward. After finishing the week, I truly believe I can live this lifestyle and enjoy it. I’m looking forward to all the changes I’m going to experience with my health, both mental and physical and my vitality. Truly a life changing experience for me – Melissa

It’s accurate to say the Immersion has changed my life. For me, I liken it to a light switch being flicked on and I haven’t looked back since leaving the Immersion. It was by far the most significant proactive thing I have ever done to invest in my health, my wellness and my future. I no longer wake up with aching joints, my anxiety/depression has significantly improved, as has my sleep and energy levels. I’ve lost 4kg in a couple of weeks (and still dropping) without trying, without being hungry or experiencing cravings. Everything about it was fantastic, the location, the people, the learnings, the food, the activities and the accommodation. Without a doubt, doing an Immersion has made my transition to WFPB successful, easy and fun ! I cannot thank Malcolm and Jenny enough, their combined knowledge, experience, skills and passion, they are a dynamic team! – Vanessa

Jenny and Malcolm took us by the hand and confidently led us through the compelling scientific research that allowed me to understand why so many of us seem locked in a compulsively unhealthy and even deadly relationship with rich foods and other drugs. In a small and very supportive group, we were then given the intellectual, emotional and practical tools to implement WFPB in our own lives. For me, a full time immersion allowed me to ‘try on’ this healthy lifestyle for a week, and it turns out it fitted me very well. Thank you both so much – Kathy

I loved the week and being with like minded souls was fantastic. While we were inundated with lots of information it was outstanding and I felt like my brain was a giant sponge absorbing all of the nutritional science facts. Jenny and Malcolm you are true professionals and just exude a passion for WFBP. Thank you for an exceptional week….I am more inspired than ever to follow this way of life forever – Jeni

The most amazing experience I have had. Everybody was so attentive, patient and so soooo knowledgeable. Throughout our immersion, Jenny and Malcolm were present even during breakfast, lunch, dinner & movies, we could ask questions during the whole immersion program and they were so giving and caring with what they shared with us – Helen

One of the best things I have done in my life! I feel I have the tools and the motivation to change my eating habits to WFPB and I wouldn’t have got that just by looking at websites, reading books and evidence on my own – Kath

Anita from Diggers Vegie Kitchen recorded interviews with participants a few months after they attended an immersion…

Feedback about the food:

The food was great even though my tastebuds were not at all accustomed to the more subtle flavours of WFPB foods having been previously over exposed to fats, sugar, salt, chicken and fish! Anita and Irene were stand out champions. We were all enchanted by their personal warmth, humour and encouragement. Personally, I gained confidence that I could successfully transition to WFPB based on the example set by these two lovely people – Kathy

I think Anita and Irene did a wonderful job and I never went hungry and loved all the food. That is something people think will happen, that they will go hungry or miss out on their favourite foods, however definitely not true. I sort of miss meat, however less and less every day, but what have I gained in return, other that helping the environment and my health, that I can not really worry about how much I eat as long as I follow some simple rules, that is to eat whole food plant based meals.

Thank you for a job well done! catering for such a variety of tastes, including health issues/allergies, certainly kept you on your toes, and you did an amazing job! – Christine

I loved the nourishing, tasty food that you and your mum prepared Anita. And it was lovely to meet you both. The cooking classes were fun, and a bit of hands on. The snacks, potatoes and fruit slices, and fruit were great too. Always plenty to eat and keep satisfied. Thank you – Kay

Please note in our new location at the Yarra Valley Living Centre, we have a new chef, Julia Grueskin, coordinating the food preparation and running the cooking workshops.

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