Travelling to Anglesea for the Immersion

Here are the options for travelling to Anglesea:

From Melbourne Airport to Geelong direct

  • Gull Airport Transfer bus service goes direct from Melbourne Airport to Geelong, leaving every 1 hr 15 mins to 1 hr 30 mins on a weekend day and takes approx. 1hr 15 mins
  • For the return journey on Friday Gull Airport Transfer buses leave Geelong every 1 hr during the afternoon

From Geelong to Anglesea

  • From Geelong there is a VLine bus (McHarry’s Bus Lines) at 10:30am on Sunday morning to Apollo Bay via Anglesea, arriving in Anglesea at 11:16am* see PTV timetable
  • You get off the VLine bus at the Anglesea Motor Inn which is only 3 minutes walk to the Great Ocean Road Resort. You may need to stay overnight in Geelong in order to make this service on Sunday morning.
  • *If you arrive at the resort around 11:30am you can wait at Diggers Vegie Kitchin (1 min walk from the resort) until your room is ready
  • The drive from Geelong to Anglesea takes approx. 40 minutes and Uber or taxi may be an option
  • On Friday the immersion finishes around 2pm at Diggers Vegie Kitchen. The bus from Apollo Bay to Geelong picks up from the Anglesea Motor Inn (around the corner from Diggers cafe) at 2:17 pm and is a perfect time for departure. See PTV timetable 
  • From Geelong you can catch the Gull Airport Transfer from Geelong Station to Melbourne Airport or the train to Melbourne City (Southern Cross Station) or to Avalon via the Skybus service (see options below)

From central Melbourne (Southern Cross) to Geelong  

  • There is a train at 9:10 am Sunday from Melbourne (Southern Cross Station) to Geelong which meets the 10:30am bus to Anglesea. See PTV train timetable
  • You can fly into Melbourne Airport and catch the Skybus – Melbourne City Express into central Melbourne and then the train to Geelong. This option may suit if you wanted to stay in Melbourne the night before the immersion begins

From Avalon Airport to Geelong

  • If you fly into Avalon Airport there is the Skybus service to Geelong (takes 25 mins.) and from there you can explore options to get to Anglesea (Uber/Taxi or Vline bus), depending on the time of day. See Skybus Avalon Geelong Express
  • NB Avalon Airport is closer to Geelong/Anglesea than Melbourne Airport, but fewer flights/airlines fly there

From Melbourne Airport direct to Anglesea

  • Another possibility is to fly into Melbourne Airport and take an Uber all the way to Anglesea (someone did this at a previous immersion and it cost approx. $150 on a Sunday morning)

If several people are flying into Melbourne airport at a similar time we can try to link people together to share costs. A few weeks prior to the immersion we ask participants their travel plans and this helps facilitate ride-sharing where possible.

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