Podcasts are a great way to get educated and be entertained while engaging in mindless activities such as commuting or a long training run. There are lots of podcasts to choose from among the plant-based community. You can subscribe via your iTunes podcasts app by searching for the podcast title or just click on the link to play them from your computer or other device:

  • The Rich Roll Podcast – Rich Roll posts a new interview every week with interesting people from all areas of health and personal development
  • The Plant Yourself Podcast – Howard Jacobson (co-author of Whole) interviews key people in the whole food plant-based movement and from other wellness areas
  • Paddison Program for Optimal Health – Clint Paddison is an Australian who reversed rheumatoid arthritis using a modified whole food plant-based diet. His podcasts feature people who have reversed their RA or other autoimmune condition
  • Big Impact – Anna Chisholm is an Australian plant-based nutrition coach. Her podcasts include key people in the nutrition and health area. NB This podcast is no longer being added to, but it remains a great resource.
  • Spud Fit Podcast – Andrew Taylor, the man who ate potatoes for a year interviews key people in the plant-based health and nutrition area. See also website for links
  • New Normal Project – Dr Andrew Davies with his wife Claire explore ways of making healthier choices for our body, mind and soul
  • Dr. McDougall’s Free Audio Podcasts “McDougallCast” – some old interviews with some of the most influential health and nutrition leaders. Includes the Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin
  • Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness – A plant based Cardiologist and endurance athlete passionate about promoting health and wellness
  • Beat Your Genes: An Evolutionary Psychology Podcast for Finding Happiness – This podcast features weekly talks by psychologist Doug Lisle. Although this podcast is not about nutrition, Dr Lisle is an expert in plant-based nutrition and we thought people in the plant-based world would enjoy listening to him.
  • Ian Cramer podcast – this podcast includes interviews with key plant-based nutrition experts
  • When Life Gives You Lemons Go Vegan – Corinne Nijjer has her own remarkable transformation story of putting MS into long-term remission with a WFPB diet and her mission with the podcast is to give light to other amazing disease-reversal stories
  • Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger – In his 15 min. weekly podcasts Dr Michael Greger gathers information around a particular subject based on his video presentations
  • Mastering Diabetes – Cyrus Khambatta, PhD and Robbie Barbaro are both living with type 1 diabetes and they offer an evidence-based support program for reversing type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and reducing insulin needs for type 1.

Podcasts featuring us:

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